About Us

Who We Are

SparkleLynn Designs is a professional entertainment company that has served Northern Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia since 2007.  One of our core values is to follow the “Golden Rule.” We think there is no better way to treat our customers than how we would want to be treated ourselves.


  • We are friendly, courteous, and respectful of all with whom we work, from the youngest of children to the wisest elders.
  • We maintain the highest standards of business practices, ethics, and  integrity.  We keep current in our training and education.  We use only professional-grade products and maintain strict sanitary practices. We “prepare for the worst, but expect the best” by carrying our own liability insurance.
  • We are reliable, and we want our customers to KNOW that they can count on us to follow through on our promises and deliver what we’ve said we would.  Customers have told us repeatedly that they feel that we have over-delivered and given them much more than they asked for!  And that’s OK by us.


About the Owner


My name is Lynn, and I am the Owner and Lead Artist for SparkleLynn Designs.  I have been face painting since 2005. My specialty areas are upscale face painting and temporary hand-applied temporary tattoos (glitter, mica, metallic, and realistic-style black or full-color temporary ink), but I also do some balloon twisting as well.

People often ask how I got started in the business.  It was not the typical path (art school, etc.), but I think that the unexpected paths are often more interesting.

My education background is actually in psychology.  I earned my undergrad degree in Psychology and earned a Masters Degree in Education, specializing in Counseling.  Along the way, I also did a year of training to be a school psychologist, working primarily with elementary school-aged children. Upon completion of grad school, I became an in-house counselor for a Federal law enforcement agency, serving employees and their families.  I worked in this capacity for 7 years.

During that time, my husband decided to turn his lifelong love of magic into a full-time business.  One weekend, he needed a face painter to accompany him on a job that he had booked.  He thought it was something I would enjoy and be good at, and so after I agreed to try, he invited a face painter friend over to teach me the basics.  That weekend I fell in love with the art of face painting!  Afterward, I decided to learn more about the art form, and I spent countless hours researching designs and techniques online and practicing on myself.  I bought my own face painting kit and began working for entertainment companies on the weekends, gaining alot of experience.  I attended face painting conventions and intensive master classes to learn more about the business side of things as well as further developing my art skills.

When I decided to move on from the counseling field in 2007, I had two and a half years of painting under my belt and decided to go full-time as a face and body artist.  And SparkleLynn Designs was born!


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