Face Painting Portfolios

 We know that each event has its own needs, so we work with our clients to recommend and determine the types of designs that will best fit with a particular event.  To help with planning, below are examples of the different levels of designs we offer, grouped by the approximate length of time needed to complete each design.   We can use this as a reference as we discuss what types of designs would best serve your event.  Unless otherwise agreed upon, the design menu we’ll bring is comprised mainly of Fun Designs and Fave Designs.

Fun Designs – quick and simple designs – 18-30 per hour:

Have a lot of children in attendance?  Are your guests mainly children under 3 years old? No problem! We offer quicker, simpler designs for events with a high-attendee count or with younger children.  These designs are not necessarily small designs, as trying to paint in such detail in a very small area (and sometimes on a moving target) often takes just as much time, if not more, than a full-face design.  These are designs that go on the face or arm and take 2 to 3 minutes each.

Here are some examples:

To see more Fun Designs example photos, click here.


Fave Designs – most requested and popular – 10-15 per hour:

Have guests that are a bit older and have seen what’s out there to be painted?  They may have their heart set on being a butterfly or a tiger or a certain superhero because they saw it painted on someone else the last time they were at a face painted event.  We are well-versed in the most requested and most popular designs currently out there.  Often times these are based upon a movie, TV show, game, or a comic book character.  If it is popular, chances are we know about it and can paint it.  These are designs for the face, mainly, and take 4 to 6 minutes each.

Here are some examples:

To see more Fave Designs example photos, click here.


Fancy Designs – more elaborate, detailed, and specific – about 6-7 per hour:

Have hard-to-please tweens, teens, or adults who want “something AWESOME” painted?  Have special requests?  We offer these “wow” designs just for guests like this. These designs are great for a small gathering where time is not such an issue. They are more elaborate, intricate crowd-stoppers.  Because they entail more detail, they take longer—8 to 10+ minutes each.

Here are some examples:

To see more Fancy Designs example photos, click here.


Freakin’ Amazing Designs – individual appointments – 30-60+ minutes per design:

Ever been to a costume party where you wore a mask?  I bet it was hot and smelled like rubber and perspiration combined. Yeah, gross.  And I’m thinking that the mask came off shortly into the party.  Ever been to a masquerade party where you had to hold up that mask on a stick to your face?  What do you do with that mask when your hands are full with a plate of food and a beverage?  What happens when you want to dance?  It either gets put down somewhere to be lost or you end up poking yourself or someone else while you awkwardly juggle things around.

A great option is to simply have the mask or design painted on.  We take individual painting appointments for events like these.  Depending on the type of design, the appointment can last 30 to 60 minutes or longer.  Since many of these appointments are for designs that mimic a certain popular figure, such as the members of the rock band, KISS, the designs must be exact in order to be successful representations.  This exacting nature takes time.  Time is also spent adding layers of elaborate detail, such as is required for Mardi Gras masks (blended base colors, detailed brush work, glitters, gems, feathers, liquid bling, sealing the design for extended wear, etc).  It might take an hour, but you’ll walk out with an amazing creation that will bring you lots of attention all night!


Tattoo Portfolio

These temporary tattoos are not those wet-and-stick-on tattoos!  They are a cosmetic-grade product and are specifically designed to create super-vibrant, long-lasting, waterproof and sweatproof customized tattoos.  They are applied to the body on the arm, leg, shoulder, or back—they do not go on the face or neck due to their long wear time.  While they are great for anyone over the age of two, they are perfect for notoriously picky tweens, teens, and adults.  Tattoos can be applied in your choice of 4 finishes: Glitter, Mica, Metal, or Black Matte.


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