Product Information

Product Information


Face Painting:

Face Painting Products We Use

We use only the best cosmetic-grade professional products available on the market.  The face paints we use are not really “paint.”  They are actually cosmetic products that are specifically made for use on skin and are widely used in the professional makeup, TV, film, and theatrical entertainment industries.  It is more pigmented than most makeup because it is meant to create bright, bold designs.  The face paint is water-based and water-activated, meaning it requires a little bit of water to work.  This also means it is easily removed with water! (More on that later…)  Face paints are applied to the skin using cosmetic sponges and brushes.

All products we use are considered safe and non-toxic and are made up of ingredients that are FDA-compliant for use on human skin.  They are NOT craft paint or other “non-toxic” paints that are commonly found in the craft store.

Allergies and Sensitivities to Face Paint

That being said, each person’s body chemistry is unique.  It is possible that someone could have a reaction to any one ingredient that the vast majority of the population is just fine with. If there is any question about sensitivity or allergic reaction, we can do a test swatch of paint on the inside of the elbow and check for reaction after a period of time.  Another alternative would be to get painted someplace other than on the face, possibly on the arm, hand, leg, or back.  Or to be absolutely safe, maybe forego painting altogether and enjoy another aspect of the party.

Removal of Face Paint

Since the face paint is actually a water-based cosmetic product, it is removed with water as well.  Small designs or lighter colors may be easily removed with a baby wipe.  For larger designs or those containing darker colors, all you need is a little bit of soap and water.  It might be helpful to use a dark-colored washcloth to thoroughly remove all pigment from the skin.

Various face and body artists have their own opinions on what kind of soap to use, and when and how to apply the water.  While some suggest using a liquid soap and creating a lather on the skin prior to adding water, I personally have found that this just causes a big mess and doesn’t really remove the paint better than rinsing first.  So, what I recommend is rinsing off the excess paint first and then going back with a washcloth with soap and gently washing the remainder of the design away.

Everyone’s skin is different and will react differently to be painted.  Skin that is on the dry side, fair, or with larger pores may retain more of the pigment.  Similarly, certain people retain some hues more than others—greens, blues, reds, purples.  If there is a slight hue “shadow” left behind after the first washing, don’t worry!  Simply apply lotion, moisturizer, or skin-safe oil to the area using a cotton ball, let it sit for a few minutes, and wash again.

***Note:  I recommend doing the initial rinsing in the shower versus the bathtub. You don’t want to clean that red and black superhero design off of your child’s face AND your bathtub!


Temporary Tattoos:

Tattoo Products We Use

Glitter and Mica Tattoos:

Like our face painting, our tattoos are also created using only professional, skin-safe, FDA-approved products.  For Glitter and Mica Tattoos, we use a skin-safe medical adhesive to secure the glitter or mica to the tattoo design, creating a perfect image of the designs with clean, sharp edges and high visual impact.

The glitter we use is a cosmetic-grade glitter made of rounded-edges polyester (never craft glitter!).  The mica we use is cosmetic-grade, highly-pigmented fine-particle mineral mica powder that is also used as loose eye shadow for high-fashion application.  We have several shades, both matte and with sheen.

Once they select their favorite tattoo stencil, each person then chooses their own special combination of glitter or mica colors to create a one-of-a-kind customized tattoo.

Black Tattoos:

Black Tattoos are created using a matte black cosmetic “ink” option for those who want a tattoo that looks like the real thing without all that pain!  This option is especially popular with the guys and older girls.  The product we use is not actually ink, as it does not sink into or stain the skin.  Rather, it sits on top of the skin and is easily removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Metal Tattoos:

Metal Tattoos start with the same cosmetic “ink” as the Black Tattoos.  Then an iridescent sheer shimmer powder is brushed on top to create a metallic look.  We have several hues to create different metallic looks.

Tattoo Care and Removal

Our tattoos stay on between 2 and 10 days, even through swimming and showering, yet are easily removable using baby oil or rubbing alcohol when you’re ready to take them off.



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